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Stockeld park

Harrogate Road, Leeds.


01937 586101



If you are easily scared - Stay Away!

If you are Pregnant - Stay Away!

If you suffer from heart problems - Stay Away!

This event is for teens, older families & well behaved Adults!

ages 17 or under will need an adult onsite with them.

ages 15 or under will need an adult in each attraction with them.


If you are brave we will see you soon.

 stockeld parks full T&C's

1. Terminology

    1. ‘Stockeld Park’ operates ‘February Fun’, ‘The Easter Adventure’ ‘The Spring Adventure’,  The Summer Adventure’ , Stockeld Dark, The Halloween Adventure’, ‘The Christmas Adventure’ and various other events throughout the year. These are all operated by the legal trading entity, ‘Stockeld Farms Ltd’. In these terms and conditions, any reference to one of the above or ‘the Park’ shall be deemed to also refer to all of the above unless otherwise stated.

    2. ‘Ticket holder’ ‘Visitor’ or ‘Guest’ shall mean any person entering Stockeld Park, for whatever reason, irrespective of whether or not they have purchased an entry ticket, activity ticket or event ticket.

    3. ‘Management’ and ‘Team’ shall mean directors, employees and other representatives of Stockeld Park, as identified by their uniform and / or identity cards.

    4. ‘Adventure Zone’ shall mean any activity or area of play in Stockeld Park covered by either an entry charge or activity charge.

    5. ‘Minor’ shall mean any person under the age of 18.

    6. ‘Responsible Adult’ shall mean a person aged 18 or over who has responsibility for a Minor.

    7. ‘Tickets’ shall mean entry tickets, event tickets or activity tokens in the case of The Christmas Adventure.


2. General

    1. Stockeld Farms Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or damage to individuals, vehicles or personal property, however arising, including (but not solely) any injury, distress, inconvenience or anxiety caused. The Ticket Holder assumes all risk and danger incidental to an Activity, Adventure Zone or Event, including any death, personal injury, loss, damage or liability. Where the Ticket Holder is a Minor, all risk and danger is assumed by their Responsible Adult.

    2. Stockeld Park will endeavour to ensure that as many advertised Adventure Zones, activities and events are open. Management reserve the right to close, cancel or alter the opening times or event programme due to inclement weather, technical reasons, where visitor capacity is reached or any other reasons.

    3. Stockeld Park is not open every day. Opening dates and times are at the discretion of the Management and no visitor has the right to entry at any other time.

    4. Not all Adventure Zones are necessarily open all day every day. Details will be displayed at the entrance to each zone.

    5. Stockeld Park reserves the right to refuse admission or remove from the Park (without refund) any Visitor who:

        1. Behaves in a manner which, in the opinion of Management, is likely to endanger or affect the enjoyment of other visitors;

        2. Uses lewd, threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour to other Guests, Management or Stockeld Team;

        3. Does not follow written or verbal instructions; or

        4. Behaves in a manner which may affect the health and safety of themselves, other visitors or Stockeld Team.Where the said Visitor(s) is / are part of a larger group, the whole group may be refused admission or removed from the Park (without refund).

    6. All activities and Adventure Zones must be used in accordance with written and verbal instructions. Visitors must remain on designated footpaths and in designated areas at all times. Climbing or standing on fences, barriers, walls, sculptures, buildings or bins is strictly prohibited and will be grounds for removal. Similarly the throwing of objects, especially at sculptures or into the lake is not allowed and will be grounds for removal.

    7. Any Visitor found to be damaging property, contents or grounds of Stockeld Park will pay for the cost of repairing that damage.

    8. Any person found engaged in criminal activity will be removed from the Park and reported to the Police. For the avoidance of doubt this includes criminal damage, possession of illegal drugs or possession of an offensive weapon. Visitors agree to allow themselves and their vehicles to be searched by Management or The Stockeld Team if requested.

    9. Consumption of alcohol is only permitted when purchased from Stockeld Park and can only be consumed in designated areas. Anybody found to be under the influence of alcohol may be refused admission or escorted from the Park (without refund).

    10. Visitors are welcome to bring their own picnics to The Easter, Spring Summer Adventure only. Unfortunately, with the exception of pre-booked Groups at certain times of the year, we are unable to provide picnic facilities to Visitors at any other time of year, so it is prohibited to bring your own food into the Park. You are welcome to bring your own baby food and milk. The reheating of baby food and milk is at Management’s discretion and entirely at your own risk.

    11. Whilst we will make every effort to accommodate food allergy sufferers and will provide guidance as to which menu items are suitable, Stockeld Park cannot guarantee the absence of any ingredient in anything sold from our shop or cafes. Any food items consumed are entirely at the Visitor’s own risk.

    12. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Management reserve the right to eject anybody (without refund) found to be in violation of this clause. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all Adventure Zones, buildings, and queues. Please take particular care not to smoke in the Enchanted Forest due to the enhanced fire risk.

    13. We kindly request that chewing gum and bubble gum are not consumed on the premises.

    14. Dogs are not allowed in Stockeld Park, except fully harnessed assistance dogs. There are public footpaths within the Stockeld Park Estate. However, we cannot recommend the leaving of any dog (or other animal) in a car whilst visiting. Management reserve the right to report any dog (or other animal) believed to be in (or at risk of being in) a distressed state having been so left and, if Management deem it necessary, to break into the car entirely at the owner’s expense.

    15. No Visitor is allowed to enter, paddle or swim in the lake. Anyone found so doing will be removed from the Park (without refund).

    16. Given the family nature of Stockeld Park, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the Adventure Zones to groups of adults (over the age of 18) or single adults with no accompanying children. If you are meeting a family group, please arrange to do so prior to buying your tickets. Entry to The Christmas Adventure shop and café to single adults or groups of adults is permitted but is at Management’s discretion.

    17. Visitors park their vehicles entirely at their own risk. Stockeld Park cannot guarantee the security of vehicles, their contents or any damage caused. All visitors must comply with one-way traffic systems, speed limits and the directions of a Stockeld Team member when using the car park areas and other Estate roads. No vehicles are allowed to remain in the car parks outside of opening hours without the express prior written permission of Management.

    18. For health and safety reasons we recommend that sensible clothing and footwear is worn at all times. In particular, long sleeves, clothing covering the knees and closed toe shoes are recommended for The Summer Adventure. Stockeld Park is a family attraction and we ask that all visitors dress appropriately. The wearing of clothing which, in the opinion of Management, is inappropriate is not permitted. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times. Some Adventure Zones require flat shoes.

    19. Given the nature of the park and woodland environment, some surfaces may be uneven and also muddy. Stockeld Park accepts no liability for injury, loss or damage as a result of this.

    20. Age and / or height restrictions apply at certain Adventure Zones. Visitors must adhere to these.

    21. With the exception of the interactive elements of sculptures in th Enchanted Forest or Maze, sculptures and lights must not be touched.

    22. In the event of a fire alarm or other emergency, irrespective of whether it proves to be genuine or not, the Park may need to be evacuated in order to protect all Visitors, team members and Management. Stockeld Park does not accept any liability for any delay or closure, nor is it liable to refund part or all of the ticket.

    23. We accept no responsibility for lost property and reserve the right to dispose of any items found. In any event, all lost property is disposed of at the end of each season.

    24. From time to time Stockeld Farms Ltd (or other authorised parties) carries out photography, filming or other forms of recording at Stockeld Park which may feature Visitors. By accepting these regulations, you agree that Stockeld farms Ltd or any other authorised party may use such images or likenesses in any promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format whatsoever.

    25. Only persons authorised by Stockeld Farms Ltd may carry out photography, filming or other forms of recording for anything other than personal use.

    26. Only persons authorised by Stockeld Farms Ltd are permitted to sell or offer for sale any items to Visitors within the boundaries of the Park or the wider Stockeld Park Estate, including the car park and entrance and exit roads. Any unauthorised persons found trying to sell items will be immediately removed.

    27. All complaints must be addressed to Management on the day of your visit. In the event that management is unable to resolve the complaint at the time, complaints should be directed to Stockeld Farms Ltd via email to customersupport@stockeldpark.co.uk within 14 days of your visit. We endeavour to respond to all complaints within 28 days of receipt.

    28. All decisions by Management and The Stockeld Team are final and binding.

    29. Should you choose to share your photo, video or other media with us via the website or a social media platform, you guarantee that you have, each and every time, all required permissions, including from copyright and other intellectual property rights.  You agree that Stockeld Park may use and / or share such photos, videos or other media on any platform it chooses without further compensation.

3. Tickets & Refunds

    1. All tickets remain the property of Stockeld Farms Ltd and are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, non-refundable and void if defaced or altered. Tickets cannot be sold, at any price, to any third party without the written prior permission of Management. Lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced.

    2. Tickets are only valid on the day of issue or, if purchased online in advance, the date stated

    3. Any exchange of tickets is only at the absolute discretion of Management.

    4. All persons entering the Park during the Easter, Spring, Summer Adventure season (or any other event where it is pay on entry) must hold a valid ticket. If re-entry into the Park on the same day is required, you must ensure you have the correct coloured wrist band displayed on re-entry.

    5. Any unused activity tokens purchased during any Adventure season cannot be used on a different day and should be returned to any supervised point at the end of your visit.

    6. Children under the age of 2 are free to enter Stockeld Park, with the exception of certain special events as detailed in Section 8. For the purposes of The Christmas Adventure season (and any other events or season where prices are different for adults and children), a child is aged 2 to 12. An adult is aged 13 or over. Please understand that we may request proof of age of an individual. If no proof is available, we will charge for the individual as in the older age range, but will refund the price difference if proof of age and copies of tickets and receipts are emailed to customersupport@stockeldpark.co.uk within 14 days of your visit.

    7. Tickets for Santa’s Grotto, or any other adventure where a present is part of the ticket must be purchased for all children who wish to visit, irrespective of age.

    8. Family tickets admit 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children.

    9. Disabled guests are entitled to be accompanied by one free carer on production of a Carer Card or written confirmation from the DWP or the Council.

    10. We cannot issue refunds for the reason of adverse weather conditions, whether tickets are purchased in advance or on the day.

    11. Tickets may be purchased online in advance. We operate a booking system in conjunction with DigiTickets. All online tickets must be printed and presented on the day. DigiTickets hold (but do not sell) your data and issue tickets on behalf of Stockeld Park. All queries for online bookings should be directed to customersupport@stockeldpark.co.uk. DigiTickets has no authority to exchange tickets or issue refunds.

    12. Where tickets are purchased in advance, proof of age may be requested on presentation.

    13. Supervision guidelines (as detailed in Section 5) apply to all tickets purchased in advance. If it becomes evident that tickets have not been purchased in accordance with these, further tickets will need to be purchased at the time of your visit. Entry will be refused (with no refund) if supervision guidelines are not complied with.

    14. In some instances, we reserve the right to cease online ticket sales in advance. Tickets may still be available on the day.

    15. An administration fee of the greater of £5 or 10% of the transaction value will be payable for any amendments to online bookings.


4. Season Cards

    1. All season cards are non-transferable and non-refundable.

    2. A season card holder is deemed to be a Visitor and therefore bound by all terms and conditions.

    3. Stockeld Park will not refund all or any part of a season card should we be forced to close any or all of the Adventure Zones at any time.

    4. Any season cards that are lost or stolen my be replaced once only for an administration fee of £5 per individual upon presentation of proof of purchase.

    5. All season cards remain the property of Stockeld Farms Ltd and can be withdrawn at any time in the event of fraud or misuse.

    6. A season card must be presented with valid identification for each holder at the Ticket Office on every visit.

    7. A season card does not guarantee entry to Stockeld Park. Admission can be refused, especially if visitor capacity is reached or exceeded.

    8. Stockeld Park and DigiTicket hold data on season card holders and have the right to use that data to communicate with season card holders. Data will not be sold or passed on to third parties.

    9. Season card holders are entitled to the following discounts:

      1. 5% in the shop

      2. 10% in the cafes

      3. 10% for special events

    10. Supervision guidelines, as detailed in Section 5, must be adhered to by all season card holders and associated family members. Any breach of these can result in the season card being removed without recompense.

5. Supervision

    1. All Minors (paying and non-paying) under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 18 or over. One adult can be responsible for a maximum of 5 Minors, and must supervise those Minors at all times. Supervision ratios are entirely the decision of the responsible adult(s), and must be reduced below the stated maximum if the responsible adult(s) believe it to be necessary. This is not only for the safe-keeping of the park, but also in case of a medical emergency.

    2. Stockeld Park accepts no responsibility for the supervision of Minors – this is the sole responsibility of the accompanying responsible adult(s). If Management deem the supervision to be insufficient or not in accordance with the Park’s guidelines, we reserve the right to escort the entire group from the Park.

    3. It is solely the decision of the responsible adult to decide whether an Adventure Zone, or any piece of equipment within a Zone, is suitable for an individual child. Stockeld Park accepts no responsibility for that decision. Supervision guidelines may change at short notice. Currently they are as follows:

    4.  ages 17 or under will need an adult onsite with them.

    5. ages 15 or under will need an adult on each attraction with them.



  1. Skating (ice and roller) All skaters under 8 years must be accompanied on the rink at all times by a skating parent/guardian (18 years or over). Children aged 8 to 16 should be accompanied at the rink by a parent/guardian (18 years or over)..Skating (ice and roller) Please note helmets and protective pads are available. It is at the absolute discretion of the responsible adult to choose whether they are used.

  2. Skiing – suitable for ages 6 and over. All Minors must be accompanied, either on the ski track or by walking along the parallel Enchanted Forest trail, for which an activity ticket is required. Please note that there is no access to the ski track from the Enchanted Forest trail. If you believe your child may struggle with skiing, we recommend you ski together.

  3. Electric scooters – are no longer in use.

  4. Buccaneer Boats - suitable for heights of 80cm and over. 80cm – 1.2m must be accompanied on the boat by a responsible adult, 1.2m and above are able to ride solo.

  5. Maze – suitable for all ages. All minors must be accompanied into the maze by an adult.

  6. Enchanted Forest – suitable for all ages. All minors must be accompanied into the Enchanted Forest by an adult.

  7. Adventure Play Zones (including go karts and inflatables) – we try not to limit age ranges as we feel that play is spontaneous and should be self-determined based on the individual child’s ability. Minors should be kept in view at all times.

  8. Shop, café and picnic (Summer only) areas – All minors must be accompanied at all times.

  9. In the case of a medical emergency for an unaccompanied minor, we reserve the right to treat the minor in the absence of a responsible adult.


6. Parties

    1. Parties require a deposit amount equivalent to 8 children which is payable to secure your booking.

    2. Parties must be fully paid for at least 3 days before party date.

    3. The minimum number of participants is 8 and the maximum is 20. If you require any more than 20, please contact Stockeld Park direct on office@stockeldpark.co.uk.

    4. We understand that it is not always easy to be certain of party numbers when booking. We recommend you book for the minimum number you expect to attend. Confirmation of final numbers must be made by telephone or email to office@stockeldpark.co.uk at least 48 hours before the day of the party. If the number changes from the original booking by more than 8, we cannot guarantee to be able to accommodate or provide food for all participants, although we will endeavour to do so.

    5. Supervision guidelines and ratios must be adhered to at all times.

    6. We allow 1 free adult for every 5 children booked. All other adults who need or wish to participate will be charged.

    7. In the event of cancellation or change of date, an administration fee of the greater of £5 or 10% of the transaction value will be charged. Cancellation between 2 and 7 days before the party will be charged at 50% of the transaction value, and there will be no refund for any party cancelled within 2 days of the party date.

    8. Parties are only available on certain dates and at certain times. We reserve the right to change these at any time.


7.Schools & Group Bookings

    1. Schools and groups must be pre-booked at least 7 days in advance. The booking form must be completed and a (non-refundable) deposit paid at the time of booking. The balance due must be paid either in advance or in full 3 days before your group visit. Groups which have not paid by the time of the visit will not be allowed entry, unless by prior written agreement with Management.

    2. The minimum number of paying visitors for a schools or group booking is 15 to qualify for the discounted group prices. If final numbers are below 15, the group will no longer qualify for the discounted group prices or free supervisor tickets and our standard tariffs will apply.

    3. Supervision guidelines and ratios must be adhered to (see clause 5).

    4. We allow 1 free supervisor aged 18 or over for every 5 tickets pre-booked. If members of the group require additional assistance, please contact us on office@stockeldpark.co.uk.

    5. Where a group includes children under the age of 2 who are therefore free, entitlement to group rates and free adult supervisors will only be based on those members of the group who require paid tickets. Adult supervisors for children under the age of 2 must be paid for at the group rate.

    6. Any requests for seating in the cafes must be clearly stated at the time of booking. Whilst we always try to satisfy these, Stockeld Park cannot guarantee to satisfy all such requests, or that all members of a group will be seated together.

    7. School/Group bookings are not accepted during peak season.


8. Special Events

    1. Participants in all special events are required to adhere to all Stockeld Park’s terms and conditions.

    2. Stockeld Park reserves the right to alter or cancel events at short notice.

    3. For paid-for events, all children, whether sleeping or not, except babes-in-arms must purchase a ticket. We define a babe-in-arms as any child less than 6 months.

    4. Where there are scheduled performances, we regret that late arrivals will not be admitted unless or until there is a suitable break in the performance. There will be no refunds for late arrivals.

    5. In addition to our usual terms and conditions, the following apply specifically for Stockeld Dark.:

      1. This attraction is frightening and may include total darkness, water spray and splash, uneven surfaces, steps up and down, strobe lighting, latex, narrow tunnels, crouch spaces which require you to bend down when you walk or even crawl, sudden loud noises, live scare actors, fog and scent effects which are all intended to startle and frighten you.

      2. We advise you not to enter if you are pregnant, have a heart condition, suffer from claustrophobia, have photosensitive epilepsy, suffer from a back disorder, suffer from asthma or are of a nervous disposition.

      3. All Minors must have a responsible adult (aged 18 or over) who participates in the Event with the Minor.

      4. This attaraction is recommended for ages 9 and over. Parental / guardian discretion is advised.

      5. You must not touch anything inside the attraction. This includes property, sets, effects and actors. The scare actors may touch you but they will not harm you. You must not touch them back.

      6. Smoking, chewing gum, eating and drinking are forbidden inside the attraction.

      7. You must walk forwards at all times. You must not stop or move backwards, unless instructed to do so by the scare actors. You must never run!

      8. There are no midway exits, therefore, once you enter, you must complete the experience and will not be able to exit until you reach the end.

      9. External Contractors throughout carry out filming and photography inside the attraction for the purpose of security, monitoring quality and marketing. These recordings may feature Guest images or voices. By entering the attractions you irrevocably waive all rights in these recordings and agree that Stockeld Park may use them in perpetuity and without limitation in any promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format whatsoever without payment, notification or credit to you. All copyright within these recordings lies solely with Stockeld Park. 

      10. No forms of light are allowed inside the attraction. This includes laser pointers, torches and mobile phone screen lights. You may be given a light source to guide you through certain parts of the experience.

      11. You are advised not to take any loose articles or bags into the attraction. If you drop these we will not be able to search for them until the attraction is closed at the end of the operational period and we will not be liable for your loss.

      12. If you appear under the influence of drugs or alcohol or are acting in a way that is detrimental to other customer’s enjoyment, we reserve the right to remove you from the site without refund.

      13. Stockeld Park will endeavour to ensure that all advertised features of the attractions are available. We may, however, without prior notice and without refund or compensation, cancel or suspend any feature of the attraction due to inclement weather, to ensure safety, security or order, or if we consider that the circumstances so require.

      14. We are not obliged to refund advance ticket sales under any circumstances.

      15. We advise you not to take electrical equipment of any kind into the attraction.

      16. Head masks and imitation weaponry of any kind are forbidden inside the attraction.

      17. The attraction operates in all weather conditions. You must wear sensible clothing and footwear and be prepared for potentially wet conditions in outdoor activities.

      18. Naked flames of any kind are forbidden. This includes sparklers.

      19. You must switch off all mobiles and visual or audio recording equipment whilst inside the attraction. Attempting to record any aspect of the attraction is forbidden. If you break this rule, the attraction will be stopped and you will be escorted off site, without refund. You will also be asked to destroy the recording.

      20. By entering the attraction you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of Stockeld Dark and Stockeld Park and entry is at your own risk.


9. Website

    1. This website and its content are the copyright of Stockeld Farms Ltd. All rights reserved. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited. You may print or download those parts of the website which expressly state this is permitted. You may not, without our express written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the content. Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

    2. We endeavour to ensure the accuracy of all information on this website. However, Stockeld farms Ltd will not be liable in relation to the contents of, or use of this website for any loss whatsoever. This limitation of liabliity applies even if Stockeld Farms Ltd has been expressly advised of the potential loss.

    3. Stockeld Farms Ltd cannot guarantee any links to third party sites nor accept any liability in respect of content of any such sites. Any links from a third party site to the Stockeld park (or any other owned domains) may only be made with our express prior written consent. If you would like to obtain consent please write to customersupport@stockeldpark.co.uk.


10. Law and Jurisdiction

    1. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law. Any dispute will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.